KUIJS Transport

Your transport, our care

Because we keep our promises

Int. Transport company Kuijs has a clear principle when it comes to agreements: we keep our promises!

We know better than anyone how important it is that your goods arrive safely and on time at the right destination. Here we do everything possible to achieve that.

For more than 80 years we have been known as a reliable and flexible carrier of goods all over the world! As a specialist in the field of floor transportation, we transport floor coverings and floors on both rolls and boxes. We also offer transport of machines and the less standard palletised as well as non-palletised goods.

The knowledge and skills of Kuijs Transport

All our drivers are trained on the goods they carry and are code 95 qualified. They are regularly retrained to keep up to date with the requirements of the transport world. Our drivers are available 24/7 so they can respond quickly to changing circumstances.

Transport of floor coverings and floor panels

We are specialized in transporting floors. We transport your carpet, linoleum, laminate, PVC and other types of flooring and floorboards, both in rolls and boxes. Our carpet mandrel, for loading and unloading rolls, is part of our standard equipment and can be attached to any forklift truck. In addition, we have developed special tools to deliver the rolls standing upright.

Transport of machines

We have the necessary knowledge and skills to load, transport and unload your machines in a safe way.

Transport of palletised goods

A number of our cars are designed in such a way that they can load pallets in 2 layers. This ensures optimal and economical use of the loading volume and loading capacity. For the delivery of palletised goods we use, among other things, electric pallet trucks.

Transport of hazardous substances

Our drivers are competent when it comes to driving with hazardous substances. They transport the hazardous substances in accordance with the legal rules and requirements of ADR and are in possession of an ADR certificate.

Distribution within 24 hours
Distribution within 24 hours

Delivery within 24 hours? We have a 24-hour distribution network within the Benelux. With the exception of a few postcode areas.

If you have any questions you can reach us 24/7
If you have any questions you can reach us 24/7

Do you have a question about the possibilities we offer in the field of transport and/or storage? Call or mail us and we will respond immediately!

Return logistics
Return logistics

We also take back floors within the Benelux and Germany for processing as raw material. We are in possession of the necessary permits.


You have also come to the right place for the storage of your goods. Our warehouse has 6250 m2 of (heated) storage space.

Environment – CO2 reduction

In 2011, we launched a programme to reduce CO2 emissions. Our objective is to reduce emissions by an average of 5% per year. All our cars now meet the Euro 5 or 6 standard.

Sustainable on the road

We are committed to more environmentally friendly and greener road transport. By means of the Sustainable on the Road certificate, as a transport company we can really say that we are working in a sustainable way.